Tidal problem today (June 10 2021)

Is anyone else experiencing Tidal problems today?
Sometimes albums won’t play at all, sometimes tracks stop in the middle.
I have logged out of Tidal and logged back in, but no change. Any tips.

Experienced the same thing with Tidal…plus Roon seems to be running slow today.

Same here. Roon almost dead and Tidal playing but very sloooooow…
It started today, afternoon (GMT+1).

Hi All I have Roon Core running through a mac mini to a Denafrips Ares 2. I am using Tidal as the service. I have the master subscription with Tidal. I have DSP set up through Roon. I keep getting buffering with this set up. When I tried Apple Music directly through the Denafrips Ares 2 I have no buffering. This is becoming very frustrating as I have a lifetime subscription with Roon. Does anyone have any ideas to remedy this issue. I have also set up Cloudflare on the mac mini and have this active. I am hopeful some one can assist. Cheers

Tidal problems over last couple days as well.

Getting “error loading page” and “album not available” errors.

Have logged out back in, rebooted. No luck.