Tidal / Qobuz album artwork loads very slow

Did a search on this but didn’t find any others reporting this issue.

I’m not sure if this is 1.6 related, but seems to be. I am running RoonServer on a headless Mac mini, and my remotes being my laptop and multiple iDevices. When I search for a specific artist, search is relatively snappy. When I go to the artist page I am presented with the page also very quickly, with albums and artwork that exist in my library, but the Tidal/Qobuz Albums take ages to load the artwork. Sometimes 10-15 seconds to get the row of 6 albums properly loaded. Move to the right to see the next 6, same deal, a long delay before all the artwork loads.

I don’t remember this behaviour pre 1.6, also not sure if this is a known bug/issue so if it is please stomp on this support request :wink:

Hi @YYZ,

If you go to Settings > Setup and increase the Memory for Photos/Artwork option on your remotes does this improve things for you?

Hi Dylan,

I’ve nudged it up a little to 256MB, which does not seem to make much difference. As there is a statement saying that high values may cause instability, what is the recommended memory setting for the album artwork? I’m running Roon on a Mac mini with 16GB Ram which is entirely devoted to the OS and Roon - so I am guessing I should be able to move this to the max. setting without impacting anything.

Hi @YYZ,

You should be able to increase it further if you’d like — The best setting will vary depending on the Core machine’s specs and how it’s used, but since this is a machine dedicated to Roon with plenty of RAM, increasing it more shouldn’t be an issue.

Try increasing it a bit further and let me know how things go — It might be good to reboot after increasing it as well. If you’re still experiencing issues please let us know!

I’ve bumped it up to 1.5GB, that seems to have improved things slightly on the desktop, but made no difference on iPad. Now obviously this will allow a lot more artwork to be cached, but that’s not necessarily the issue - and anything that is local loads faster than immediate. Its searching for a new artist that is not in my library which caused the slowdown, and all this new artwork for new CD’s loads very very slowly.

I’ve tried removing one at a time Tidal and then Qobuz to see if this is isolated to one of the services but I get the same result regardless of which I am using.

Hi @YYZ,

This setting is per remote, so you’ll need to make this change on the iPad too.

Can you describe your current networking setup? What hardware is in use and how are your devices connected?

We’ve seen Google DNS help improve streaming service performance in the past — If you use Google DNS is there any change?

Changing on device makes no difference.

I already switched to Google DNS to see if this resolved the issue, it does not. I really don’t see this being a DNS or networking issue. Album art on each respective service app loads immediately, it is only Roon where the problem exists.

Hi @YYZ,

Can you try clearing you image cache and see if there is any increase in performance here?

Hi Dylan,

Ok this is interesting. On laptop this has resolved the issue. Album art now loads very fast. On iPad however performing same has had no effect. Have restarted Roon and restarted iPad after just to be sure, but Artwork on Roon iOS still incredibly slow loading. I have left cache at 1024MB as adjusting this up or down does not seem to have any effect.

So - 50% is resolved.

Hi @YYZ,

Is it only the iPad currently or are your other iOS devices still exhibiting this behavior? What kind of iPad is it?

Yes it appears to be only the iPad. On iPhone the response time is considerably faster.

Ipad is:

iPad Pro 3rd Generation (late 2018) 12,9 inch. Roon is up to date on this device.

Hi @YYZ,

Thanks for confirming. Since it seems to be specific to just the iPad, can you try reinstalling the remote app on the iPad? Is there any change after doing so?

Nope, already tried that with no difference in result.

Hi @YYZ,

Can you describe your current networking setup? Is there any difference in how the iPad is connected compared to the laptop or iPhone?

Hi Dylan,

There is no difference. Each device is connected to the same wireless 5G network with exact same configuration. There is no latency for any other process or application on the iPad. If I use the Tidal app, or Qobuz app, it is almost instantaneous. It is only the Roon iPad app where I can replicate this issue.

Hi @YYZ,

Can you try using 2.4G instead of 5G and let us know if that changes anything?

No, because all of a sudden…no more issue. Album art is loading nice and snappy. Have not touched a thing. Qobuz issue?

Come on - what u guys do? :grimacing:

Hi @YYZ,

No changes on our end here, but I’m glad things are working!

The reason I asked about 2.4 vs 5 is because there are reports (not specific to Roon) about newer iOS devices having some connectivity issues with 5GHz WiFi connections. If you do see this return definitely give 2.4 a try and let us know if there is any difference.


Hi Dylan,

Just a side note on this. My search problems continued sporadically and recently got a lot worse. I took note of the latest release which apparently addressed some performance issues, but more often than not over the past week Roon was still hanging up to 30 seconds on artist searches.

However, upon doing a check of my core machine (Mac Mini) I have realized that I have neglected to upgrade from High Sierra to Mohave. Since upgrading this machine the other night, all performance issues related to search have completely disappeared.

Don’t know if that is useful information to you, but thought it worthy to share in the event other users are still reporting issues.


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