Tidal, Qobuz or both?

They will dissapear. If they stay in your Favorites in your disabled Tidal account they should come back on re-subscription.

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Three weeks left for my Qobuz trial but I think I’ll stick with Tidal because of a better catalogue (for my music taste). Keeping both is a bit too expensive for me.

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Unfortunately, I had a trial well before Roon integration and can’t sign up again. Any chance new trials for Roonies can be arranged?

I would actually subscribe if I could in the US and will when it is available to us.


As other have said, Qobuz catalog is missing way too many labels. Mostly in alternative / indie / folk / americana / metal genres. When I compared my Tidal favorites with Qobuz, about 32 of my Tidal albums were missing in Qobuz. Too many to ignore. I will keep both for a couple of months, but I am leaning towards keeping Tidal only long term


I already have the premium subs for TIDAL, Spotify and Pandora. I will try Qobuz when it debuts in the US just to check it out, because I’m wondering if it’ll suit my needs enough to where I can kill Spotify and Pandora to offset the cost of Qobuz. Roon Radio has been excellent for music discovery, so that pretty much takes the place of both Pandora and Spotify already. We shall see…

In case anyone is using the “versions” feature on an album to check if Qobuz has it (like I was), please note there’s a bug preventing a lot of Qobuz albums appearing. These albums do however show up if you check the artist page. Details here… Qobuz version matching issue

Having said that, I was really hoping to ditch Tidal in favour of Qobuz with this update. I listen to a lot of indie & electronic though and Tidal definitely seems to be stronger on those genres. Pity as I far prefer Qobuz in all other areas.


If I transfer via soundiiz and find 200 tracks missing out of 600… how do I know which these are so I can search manually? Although I already tried some obvious ones and they were not in Qobuz.

Also, how do I transfer my tagged artists from Roon… soundiiz only seems to work for playlists… I’ll give Qobuz a final try this weekend but I think I’ll end up staying with Tidal due to the much deeper musical catalogue…

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Isn’t transfering favorited artists a Soundiiz premium feature?

Thanks to everybody for replying to my topic. Lots of different opinions, some similar to mine and pleasantly surprised that more people weren’t supporting Qobuz over Tidal as I had expected from responses I had seen in other topics. I will be able to do a better A-B comparison at the weekend as I am picking up my blue KEF LSX on Saturday (I had to tell the wife but I did get a 20% discount - I hope that still means 2 speakers!).

Yeah - my mistake… worked.

Still missing 25% on Independent and especially Punk and Punkrock related music, Singer/Songwriter is missing about 20% aswell as Folk/Americana. Commercial or mainstream Rock/Pop is about on paar with Tidal.

I don`t listen to much Jazz or Classic… so I suppose Q is just not really the right service for my musical tastes… I do like the true high res - but that does not make up for a lot of missing stuff - especially as I use the playlists from Tidal a lot for mobile like listening in the car or playing on vacation…

I already found Tidal to have significantly less music than Spotify and Apple, but still enough to justify the lossless streaming it offered… Q is missing another 25% of T though… too much for me.

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I too am noticing qobuz is missing lots of tracks compared to Tidal.
However, I do prefer the qobuz hi-Rez pcm over tidal MQA. I just don’t feel like investing in an MQA dac when MQA could be DOA in the near future. If tidal would just do hi-Rez pcm then I’d definitely stick with tidal. Although, I really can’t stand all the Rap/thuggish content in my face every time I open their app.

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Streaming for me is about discovery, so the largest library wins. Albums I like, I buy on vinyl, or maybe CD/download. So Tidal over Qobus. I have Spotify (Premium/Family) as well, because of playlists, friends/social, tips etc.

Hi Res? Music industry’s biggest scam. Give me a good mastered album.


I feel the same way as you. It is just not worth investing on a MQA DAC as there’s a high risk of getting obsolete in the future. None other streaming providers other than Tidal is supporting MQA. There’s no new manufacturers onboard during the recent CES 2019. Everything seems to be stagnant and quiet now.

Qobuz Hi-Res catalogue may be smaller than Tidal but is growing rapidly each day. It takes time. Qobuz Hi-Res is fully compatible to almost all DACs which is capable of doing higher than Redbook standard.

Think you have hit the nail on the head. Was listening to Pink Floyd " The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn " remasterd via Qobuz last night and I thought there was something missing so straight away went and played the CD version from the boxed set " Oh By The Way " and to me sounded so much different sonically, A much better experience. Admittedly using different end points is like compering apples and pears just proves to me that Hi-Res album versions are superior if mixed correctly for example " The Division Bell " Pink Floyd. Have subscribed to Qobuz sublime + for two months now and have enjoyed discovering and purchasing new music and artists in Hi-Res formats. One example is the Kate Bush boxed set release which to me is outstanding. So what I am trying to say is for albums released in the last 20 years or so sounds better even CD quality than older releases unless of course mixed correctly. So the moral of the story is let your ears be the judge and not the hype?,

I agree with you. But it’s hard to choose between the two. I live in France so I could use both services in their full version. The comparison can relate to several features of a streaming service.
The discovery of music: Tidal clearly wins, personal mixes and radio are very good, the playlist too. Qobuz offers only general good level playlist but the spirit of streaming is not there. Tidal’s catalog is about 10% richer than Qobuz’s (Pop, Indie) and even Jazz.
Sound quality: Both services offer CD quality no difference for a middle ear. For quality in high resolution, despite all criticism the MQA sounds great and better musicality and less tiring than the Qobuz Hires. Both services are the same unless you want to cut your hair in four, to have a perfect ear and a system at an unreasonable price.
The information: Qobuz offers interesting editorials, comments on the discs can be informative and rather descriptive, but not exceptional. There are more biographies on Tidal than on Qobuz.
Software: Qobuz on Carplay is a joke much inferior to the version of Tidal itself inferior to Spotify and Apple Music. The desktop version of Qobuz is more elegant than Tidal’s but the search and display are slower.
Even if during a use with Roon a lot of comparaion criteria disappear, Tidal appears the most balanced service.


Very good summary! I am also leaning towards staying with Tidal.

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As I said elsewhere…

Indeed your remarks are to be taken into account. Both services are of quality although different in the spirit. Qobuz is more like the showcase of a traditional record store rather classy, Tidal is more in tune with the times.

I migrated my tidal account by hand to qobuz and canceled tidal. only a few albums are missing, nothing important.

I’m happy that i’m away from the proprietary mqa and can live within the boundaries of the formats that qobuz offers in it’s second-highest tear. I still have an additional AppleMusic family account to fall back to for broader music discovery.

Staying with Tidal.

44.1/16 FLAC sound identical, MQA sounds fine, way larger library for alternative/independent music (from punk to singer/songwriter) and costs less… great for Roon to offer subscribers the chance to choose though.