Tidal, Qobuz or both?

I have the triple too, seems a bit daft even to me.


Really too expensive as I still buy tons of physical music - so if I really like an album I will usually end up buying it on vinyl. If not available I tend to buy the high res or 44.1/16 FLAC (yes - from Qobuz)… for everything else there’s Tieal or my ripped CDs from the hard drive… there is little Argument left for more than one streaming service.

Tidal has a way deeper catalogue with independent/alternative music, no matter whether singer/songwriter or punkrock, with more commercial stuff both are on paar.

Advantage Q is real high res…

Leaves deeper music catalogue vs less music (partially significnatly less) but real high res…

… if Qobuz catalogue came close to Tidal I would probably go with Qobuz… but 30% (more or less) missing is maybe just a little too much…


I agree on the whole, I can’t see my Q subscription lasting more than a few months but it is interesting to play and admire the T and Q joint integration in roon.
I think the classical albums seem to have more information and booklets so I can see how that would attract that section of users.

I am in the same state as you, but I think I am going to keep both.

We must be crazy.


I’ve had both for a while. I started using Q primarily for Classical, which for me had a better catalogue, and the info booklets. Also, arguably, a cleaner interface. But the separation has got muddied over time.

But now that I’m setup to really notice and appreciate the Hi-res streaming, there is no way I would give up Q.

The integration into Roon should be the answer to the best of both worlds. The range from both services (plus my own ripped music) and auto-pick the best sound quality to use. Perfect.

If I took the time to map all my favourites and playlists in T to Q, would I still bother to keep T? Dunno. But as suggested above, they may not all be available in Q. Again, Roon makes this much more transparent, so I’ll keep an eye on it over time. But I imagine I’ll keep both.

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Early days but I find the libraries similar for my type of music. I find the Qobuz curation SO much better than Tidal’s though - even ignoring all the rap stuff they flood you with Tidal is still not good.

BUT - I’m on a Tidal family plan, which Qobuz don’t offer. Can’t therefore move.

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Same here - Tidal subscriber from day 1 and now on 1 month trial for Qobuz studio. I want to swap but i kinda enjoy having both.

Admittedly, Hi Res file sound very good but i cant play 192k files unless i free-up my bandwidth but i’m getting super-fast fibre next week - hopefully that would fix that problem.

The question is: Can Roon provide a search filter for file resolution. If so, it would be easier to evaluate (2 million ) Hi Res catalogue. If so, then i can easily decide if Q is worth keeping. Unless, ways to do so already exist.

Also, i use Auralic Vega 2 (via Ethernet) and configured (on web-browser) to play FLAC lossless but somehow roon is playing MQA file from Tidal. Do i need change some setting on Nucleus.


If you select an MQA track in Tidal then roon will play it, including roon radio.

Yeah, its coming via Roon Radio

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Yep it will do so.

Qobuz wrote me 2 days ago that a “family plan” is planned for 2019.

Could it be that Qobuz is a little more orientated towards classical/jazz and not so much towards independent/alternative music?

For me, the biggest thing might have nothing to do with audio quality or library size. Tidal has a family plan, which allows 5 different accounts to share the same subscription. Without this, Qobuz is a very expensive proposition for me.

I’ve been on the Qobuz beta trial now for half a week. For the music I like (jazz, rock, world) it’s got about 90% the catalog depth of Tidal. Less independent/alternative, Christoph. If I went with Qobuz only, there are certainly some precious titles that I would dearly miss.

But: the sound quality of hi-res streaming! It’s the best sound I’ve ever heard in my home. I was a big fan of Tidal MQA over its normal 16/44 streams, but true 24-bit from Qobuz is better! Like, melt-your-face good.

I’ll have to come to terms with whether I can let go of Tidal’s catalog depth, but I can’t let go of Qobuz’s 24/96 sound quality.


I’m still pending acceptance into Q’s beta program :roll_eyes:

Some albums are only available on Tidal, others only on Qobuz. That’s why I subscribe to both.


As of right now, I am staying with Tidal, because Qobuz’s offering is limited. It’s too soon to make that decision as Qobuz told me that their full catalog offering is still loading.

If when all is fully complete and Qobuz has all of the artists and albums that I usually enjoy, I will switch because Qobuz streams without MQA, which I have found to be a bit better. Other than that, Qobuz streams high-res on iOS, which Tidal today doesn’t.

So, have to wait and see…

Hi all! We would like to announce that as well as a 1 month free trial period with Qobuz, we are now offering a 1 month trial period for testing Qobuz with Roon! All the information including the gift code is in this article: http://on.qobuz.com/W1

The Qobuz Team.