Tidal + Qobuz -> Qobuz only: how to deal with Tidal versions in library

Until today I had been subscribed to both Tidal and Qobuz. Today I dropped Tidal.
Is there a recommended way to convert Tidal albums in my library to Qobuz versions? When I tried to play such an album Roon told me it wasn’t available from Tidal (fair enough and expected) but there didn’t appear to be a way to switch to the Qobuz version without adding the Qobuz version to the library then deleting the duplicate Tidal version. Maybe that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work but I wondered whether I am overlooking a better way. I can see all the Tidal albums via Focus->Format, which is handy, but do I need to convert each one individually as above?
On a related point, can I safely remove Tidal from services without losing albums in the library that were added as Tidal versions? Of course I want them to remain even if temporarily unplayable so that I can switch them over to Qobuz versions by some means at some point. I assume Roon won’t simply fallback to the Qobuz versions in this case, even if there is only one Qobuz version of an album.

Before deleting your Tidal account, use free TuneMyMusic to copy your Tidal albums to Qobuz. Then, delete your Roon connection to Tidal and the Tidal links will disappear from your Roon library.

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Thank you, Jim. Very handy. I’ve done the first part of what you said and it didn’t throw up any errors (just a few albums that were missing in Qobuz, which is useful to know). However, it doesn’t appear to have had any effect on my Roon library. The Tidal albums in the Roon library are still in there as Tidal albums and not as (additionally) Qobuz albums. Is there another step or will Roon simply catch up if I wait a while? (I haven’t removed the Tidal service in Roon yet. I don’t want to do that until I’m sure I won’t lose any albums from the Roon library.)

Try Roon Settings - Services - Qobuz - Edit - Sync Library Now.

It’s possible you may have to go into the Qobuz app and “heart” the new additions that got copied over from Tidal. I don’t think you will need to do that and I think Roon will eventually pull them all in from Qobuz.

Hey @Fengoon,

Welcome back to the Roon community :wave:

I’m sorry my reply comes 10 days too late - I wish we would have had a chance to get back to you sooner.

I see than in the meantime, you’ve been in @Jim_F’s great hands - thanks for the help! How did things unfold, @Fengoon? Can we help with anything?

Hi Rebeka,

Now I must apologise for not responding to you. Thank you for getting in touch.
In the end I just went through and did it all manually, entry by entry. It wasn’t a huge job, though I suppose it could have been if my library were much larger. Everything seems fine but even if something got lost I could just add it again.
Is there a recommended procedure? If so, if it’s not in the knowledge base, it might be worth adding it. It’s not a big deal though.

Absolutely no need to apologize, @Fengoon. I’m happy to hear that things got transferred even if manually :construction_worker_man: . Thanks for sharing!

While Roon doesn’t have a way to transfer playlists from one music service to another, there are plenty of other software (many free) that allows you to do so. Another very popular one is soundiiz.

Please, let me know if any other questions come up :nerd_face:

Thanks again, Rebeka. I wasn’t really thinking of this in terms of playlists. I rarely use Tidal or Qobuz outside Roon these days so from my point of view the albums in my Roon library don’t really have any tangible existence outside Roon. The only way the world beyond Roon manifests is with regard to which streaming service the Roon library entry is associated with. Whether that entry also ends up in a playlist on the underlying service doesn’t really come into it for me.
If the canonical way of migrating library entries is to do it via migrating playlists outside Roon, that’s fine. It would be great if there was a feature to do it within Roon but it’s hardly a priority. Cheers.

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