Tidal / Qobuz - Quick Synch button pleeeeaaaaase

To synch either Tidal or Qobuz we have to go into Settings, Services, and then into Tidal and Qobuz separately to manually synch them. Any chance of a quicker way of doing it please - both at once probably easiest.


Two of the ways I add music are a weekly Friday trawl of Q / T to see what new albums have been added. Which I do in Qobuz and Tidal apps. So to listen to any I then have to synch.

Also I sometimes add music in Tidal / Qobuz that’s been suggested online somewhere and then naturally want to listen to it. I’ve just done exactly that - a nice chap called Darko :face_with_hand_over_mouth: has just posted about Chris Witten’s music with a Tidal link to his latest music. Hit link, add to favourites in Tidal. Then switch to Roon and go through the rigmarole to get it in my library there.

I know - the Friday trawl could be done in Roon itself. And the ‘faff’ of synching is a first world problem. Be nice to have a button I can hit to do it though :slight_smile:


There is a sync button in Tidal and Qobuz Browsers.

See if that helps.

Cheers, Greg



Thanks - that will do :slight_smile:

Can you close this thread down please