TIDAL query - should re-link maybe?

@support Fairly new to Roon here, and having an irritation (as opposed to problem) with the TIDAL integration with my Roon core run on Windows 7. It’s happening with most, if not all, artists. Clicking on the artist metadata link in Roon is showing me the local files I own and imported into my Roon library - all well and good - with the usual link to their albums available within TIDAL. Only problem is, only a couple of the albums for the artist in TIDAL show up - and annoyingly, not the alternative TIDAL version of the album I’m playing from my own files. However, if I navigate over to the TIDAL link from the main Roon menu and search for the artist in question, all their albums show up - so why are only a couple showing up within the artist screen in Roon?

I am linking my HI-FI Tidal account to my Roon account. Is it maybe worth unlinking then re-linking?

Thanks for any help or light shone on this one.

If you already have a release of an album in your library, other TIDAL releases are shown under the Versions tab (they won’t appear in the TIDAL section of the artist screen because you already have a release in your collection.)

Thanks Martin. I can’t believe how dense I’ve been, while I did know this already (and it’s a real plus point for Roon) turns out the albums in question I thought were ‘missing’ just weren’t in TIDAL…! Several senior moments at once there from me. Thanks again!

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Not a problem. Keep asking questions.

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Many thanks Martin - much appreciated.

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