Tidal regularly disconnects from RoonServer


I use roon server on a Host Gentooplayer/HQPe PC.

I use an IPAD or Samsung S3 tablet to control Roon, but regularly when I quit roon and restart it, the TIDAL streaming service is disconnected. You have to re-enter your email address and password to link TIDAL to Roon.

it happens almost every time

can you help me solve this problem?

thank you for your feedback


Post in the support area and fill in the template you will see.


on which wire of the support?

Do you have a link?



Go to the support category and create a new post.

Do you have a link ?

You are definitely using the ramsystem if that is the case.

The ramsystem should only be used when the configuration is finished! including logins to any streaming services!
If you set the login when the system is in ram on reboot, you lose it and therefore have to log in again.