Tidal request and New Albums mismatch

There’s a mismatch between Tidal’s New Album list and its corresponding list in Roon’s implementation of Tidal. There are three New albums (all seemingly within the last two weeks or so) that appear on the Tidal web app but do not appear on Roon. Those three albums are Patrick Watson’s Love Songs for Robots, The Tallest Man on Earth’s Dark Bird is Home, and Surfer Blood’s 1000 Palms.

As for the request, can you add Tidal’s Featured and Discovery lists? You already added their Rising list, so I’m curious why Discovery wasn’t added.

Hey there! Yup, you’re right – the very latest additions to TIDAL’s music library will be slightly delayed in appearing in Roon. We try to stay as up to date as possible but there is an unavoidable 24-ish hour lag.

The Featured lists are already available in Roon: that’s the “What’s New” tab on the TIDAL page. The Discovery tab is a work in progress. It’s not there already because they added that feature recently, after we’d already built this screen. Expect to see it in an upcoming update.

Hi, maybe a short update. I just tested the new TIDAL Beta Desktop for Mac and became aware of this issue. I checked the new albums in the TIDAL app and there were three more albums available on TIDAL that are simply not shown in Roon (although I resynced my account). I guess that is the 24h lag. What is a bit confusing though is, I then tried to find the new Melody Gardot album via Roon search and did only find separate tracks, but not the album as a set? Please try with Melody Gardot “Currency of Man” and compare.

Over on the CA forum some pope are reporting that even after 48 hours or more some albums released on Tidal are not showing up in Roon’s Tidal feed. I also looked for the specific albums mentions (Flrorence + The Machine, the new Melody Gardot) and Roon does not list these either but in the Tidal app they are there. So the lag time seems to be greater than 24 hours or so. Is the reason the same as previously stated here or has syncing become a bigger issue in recent builds?

FWIW, I just added the new Melody Gardot album thru the Tidal website and it appeared on Roon within a minute

Mind you, I did choose the Sync now option in Services Settings…which forces a Sync to Tidal…but the time of the last Sync was only 10 minutes ago anyway

Added two more Albums just there now…and they appeared within Roon within 60 seconds…and this time WITHOUT my hitting the Sync with Tidal option in Settings

My point is that it doesn’t show in Tidal’s New Albums pane in the Roon app. I don’t use the Tidal web site and Roon seems like a better overall all-in-one app for me. If you use Roon only, it doesn’t show.

The Album doesn’t yet show in the “New Albums” part of the Tidal section

But if your perform a search for Melody Gardot or Florence + the Machine in Roon…then their new Albums appear in the Tidal listings under the Artist detail page…allowing you to easily add it to the library

Perhaps Mike can comment on the delays seen between the New Albums section of the Web and Roon

Ronnie, that’s true. But I’m not always looking for something specific and hope this will show up as it would on Tidal.

Looks like those albums are showing up now so Roon, it seems albums may need up to 72 hours to update within Roon.