TIDAL Results Different Between Roon & TIDAL App

Hi Guys - When searching for artist Kelly Clarkson from within Roon and searching for her from within the native TIDAL desktop application the results are different.


Within Roon - There is one version of her new album titled Piece By Piece

Within TIDAL app - There are two versions of the album Piece By Piece (one is the deluxe version).


Is there a reason some releases are excluded in Roon or is this just something the needs to be looked into or something else entirely?

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You’re right – we’re incorrectly excluding all but one release of each album right now. Fixing this is in the works.

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This is still an issue. I just searched for Nicki Minaj albums from within Roon and within the TIDAL desktop app and the results are different by about 14 albums.

Yes, this bug is logged in our tracker, but sadly it’s still unresolved as of this morning.

We know the issue, and it’s getting close to the top of the list, so expect a fix soon @ComputerAudiophile.

Appreciate your patience here guys!

Seems still to be un-fixed as of today. The new Richard Thompson album (Still) is on TIDAL via web, but not visible in Roon. Just adding a voice…

Same issue with the new FKA Twigs EP, M3LL155X. Shows up on Tidal, but not on Roon.

Today the Steep Canyon Rangers new CD titled “Radio” was released. I first did a Roon search and it found just 2 tracks from this album on Tidal. Next I went to the Tidal app on my Mac and it found the full album which is now playing. Then I went to Sonos where I also have Tidal and Spotify installed. A Sonos search found the full album on both Tidal and Spotify and it successfully played. So why the difference? I’ve noticed this many times before with new releases and have only found partial parts of new albums on Roon when the full album is on Tidal’s app. Eventually the full album will appear in Roon.

New Motörhead titled “Bad Magic” is available in Tidal, but not in Roon.

@VidarDK, I noticed that too and a little bummed the new Motörhead is on TIDAL/Roon yet. I really hope this get addressed very soon by the Roon devs, if not already as a top priority.

I filed a similar issue and mike from Roon said they found the problem and should be fixed very soon. Like today or tomorrow.

At first I found one album that was missing from Roon but then I compared new releases on Tidal vs Roon and found over 10 missing albums from the last two weeks. So not sure how big this issue really is but hope their fix plugs all the holes.

Having the same problem with George Harrison’s Somewhere in England. Through Roon the songs are “unavailable”, but through Tidal on my IPad I can play them. It also has a different cover. How come?

I have problems with search results when I compare TIDAL and Roon. The results differ quite a bit. How come? I just tested it with the song “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today”.

+1 to what Stefan just wrote.

Please point me to the explanation of how Roon determines which titles of Tidal to display. This isnt about new releases. I get different search results -more albums/versions from Tidal but Roon seems to consolidate/condense the Tidal catalog.

We’re a year later now, but the issue still exists. ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ is available in Tidal but doesn’t show up in Roon.
This is not a Tidal thing, because I’m also using another audio player that doesn’t have this problem.

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The search results remain quite different. The workaround I’m using is to save the album song from Tidal on my Iphone and when I sync Tidal on Roon the album appears.

I am seeing this too, just happend with Led Zeppelin’s Presence. To make matters worse, the version Roon finds is not playable/no longer available.

Hi - I’m experiencing the same issue as mentioned in the above thread but its now 9/4/17 and I’m hoping this issue has / can be resolved.

When looking in Roon under Lou Reed, I do not see all the albums that TIDAL has for Lou Reed. When I go to TIDAL I see more albums - such as “New York” , “Transformer” and “Magic and Loss” but they do not appear in Roon when looking at TIDAL.

Any help understanding how to display all albums in Roon for TIDAL would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Stewart,

When I’m viewing the artist Lou Reed, i see the 3 albums that you are referencing. Do you currently have these albums ripped in your library? If so, the Tidal Versions won’t show in the Tidal section, below the albums already in your library.

If you have New York already in the library, then select it and then click the 3 dots icon and select Go to Tidal Version, if you want it.

Does this help?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

First Thank You so much for getting back with me. Yes it does help.

I think I did not fully understanding how TIDAL and Roon work together (I’m a new user to Roon) - I didn’t realize that Roon would hide the same TIDAL albums if Roon sees the same album in local Library. I thought it showed all version available in local library as well as all TIDAL albums on TIDAL library. So I understand now and will let you know if I don’t see all the albums in the way you described.

Background info - I’m still getting fully setup (just got Roon last week) and I’m in process of re-ripping my CD’s into FLAC including those Lou Reed albums. Roon is currently seeing my old lossy library which was from iTunes and the one that I used for mobile - which I gave Roon access to when I installed it but never planed on using it - That is why I was trying to find / listen to the lossless version on TIDAL even though I had a lossy versions on another database. So I see lossy library differently than I do lossless library. Also my rip on some CD’s have errors and not good to listen to but yet still showing in library so I need to clean those up too and delete those!

Thanks again for your help! I’ll keep you posted if I see anything strange.


PS - we have the same speakers!