Tidal Rising (or not)

Running Tidal on Safari on my Mac I can login to Tidal and choose Tidal Rising and a list of artists and albums is returned.

If I use Roon and select TIDAL Rising, I receive an error message which makes me sad,

“Failed to load albums :(”

If I click View All for Albums it provides me with a view of nothing.

If I click View all for tracks I get a similar view to that of albums.

AND GOOD LORD, now I click the Refresh icon and lo and behold, everything loads properly.

What am I to make of this? Anyway it is working now, so let’s see if the issue ever happens again.

I hope they were just having a network issue, or maybe your network hiccuped?

I suspect they might have had issues. I got a really good network here, and great connectivity to Internet. Plus I was typing that up as I was experiencing the issue. Anyway, it didn’t last too long, and next time I will hit the Refresh icon first if it should happen.