Tidal/Roon -> HQPlayer -> Resonessence Herus [Solved]

I am having some issues with getting the PCM to DSD upconversion to work.

If I leave the sampling rate at 2.8 GHz, it plays fine.
The Herus is supposed to support DSD128, so I should be able to change the sampling rate to 5.6 GHz.

However, when I do this, playback is in slow motion, I think every second of actual audio takes 2 seconds to play, so of course it sounds weird.

Also, regardless of settings, the first time I hit play in Roon, it never works. I have to wait for HQPlayer to time out, get the loss of control error in Roon, then play again, and then it always works.

Try using the Resonessence Labs driver with the ASIO part. This is working for my Concero HD.

If I remember it right Jussi told me that the WASAPI part of the driver has a bug.

Just checked, it is on ASIO.

Just tried some other stuff.
I think it was because ‘Open Live’ was still turned on in JRiver while I was initially getting things set up.
Seems to be working OK now.