TIDAL & ROON not working: ROON since 1.3 update sees BluOS but NOT previous computer drivers [Resolved]

system NAD309D amplifier
musical fidelity v-link 192 USB to balanced AES input, 192/24 capable
windows 8.1pro build 9600 64 bit
local music on HDD into computer via USB3
wired gigabit LAN to computer and BluOS module
wireless LAN to iPad etc.
JRiver media centre 22.0.59 on computer. iPad 3.24
ROON core on computer.
iPad IOS 10.2.1 (14D27)

ROON just updated

ROON is now no longer recognising ASIO & WASAPI drivers from the computer since the update. BluOS module is seen and working.

TIDAL account at highest resolution and subscription. Australia. TIDAL working natively through both computer TIDAL program directly (via AES input on amplifier) and through BluOS app on iPad (via BluOS input on amplifier).

Is not working through ROON.
Has been a problem for a couple of months or so.
On ROON settings TIDAL successfully logged in.
However while TIDAL albums show up during searches -albeit intermittently, I haven’t been able to play through ROON.
Unexpected error message comes up. See below.

I have disabled antivirus except for whatever comes from microsoft.

I would really appreciate your help to resolve the issues.

Might I add that the native ROON help page is incomprehensible when it comes to resolving a particular problem. Especially for inexperienced people like me.

Please create an email support.
I am happy to pay for this.

Given that ROON is currently completely non functional for me, I have to ask the question- will I resubscribe and will I recommend?
3 months ago I was banging the drum in support to anyone who would listen. And I really believe this is the best musical service I have ever come across.
My email [removed by moderator]

Hi Paul,

Let’s flag @support to help you with this.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @paul_woodhouse ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for troubles here. I see based on your feedback that you have verified that there are no active antivirus applications in your setup.

Can you confirm if there are any active Windows firewalls? If there are indeed active firewalls, may I kindly ask you to please disable them temporarily and see if this yields a change in behavior.


Thank you very much.
I have checked the windows firewall settings and disabled at private, public and domain levels. I have also updated to latest windows.
The situation is very much isq.
ROON loads normally. It will show TIDAL artwork and albums.
However when I click to play on a TIDAL album it consistently says it is not available, even including favourites. And then goes to unexpected error screen I previously sent.
I have now reintroduced windows firewall on the domain but not for the public or private computer. ROON says I am logged in to TIDAL.
ROON is playing files from the computer external HDD normally via USB3 output.
TIDAL is streaming normally both through window 8.1 computer and amplifier’s BluOS plugin card. Both using gigabit wired LAN.
ROON also is seeing the BluOS plugin card as a device. It sounds very good. (Providing the window’s local firewalls are off). I am unclear whether it is using the wired LAN or is using the computer’s USB output. I suspect it is using the gigabit LAN. Again accessing external HDD (USB3) for music files.
Have to say the BluOS amplifier plugin is better sounding than previous USB3 to music fidelity v-link 192 to balanced AES amplifier input (NAD 390DD).
[not relevant to ROON is that the card doesn’t provide any digital output from the amplifier. Seemingly this is being addressed. It is annoying for using secondary slaved digital amplifiers for other spaces.]
Again thanks for your advice and help.

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Now working…
ROON is now coming up as a streaming option in the BluOS menu and working exceptionally well with CD quality streams and indeed higher.
While the interface is unfamiliar, all the good info seems to be there.
Many thanks and presumed solved.

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