Tidal search does not work

using the trial period on roon I try to search for mager artists and get nothing also all my artists from tidal have not linked with roon.

Please list a few of the artists you searched for.


You have logged into Tidal in Roon, see Settings, Services.

I have searched for pink Floyd , alice cooper,vanessa Fernandez,tidal is working but not the search

Maybe show what you’re receiving for results. Are you getting some kind of message that says “no results”? Are you searching only your own library?

What operating system/device?

If you search “Pink Floyd” you would normally see something like this:

Do you have the ‘only show my library” set to yes? You can see it in the screenshot above

not just my library but when I use the tidal discover or overview nothing happens at all

Message sent.

Try rebooting your core.

did not work

Did you get my message? You should see a number by your user icon at the top right.

I"m using my computer as a server seeing its fairly old maybe im doing something wrong not good at computer

Quite happy to help, much easier if you reply to the message rather than post on the forum.

using laptop as server and ipad as the display but all im getting on the ipad is basically some of what it imported from tidal and not all of it on roon

Can you please confirm if you have the message I sent you?

yes I got message is this how I reply

No, click on the message it will open and you click on reply at the bottom.