Tidal section keyboard controls not working

If I use the Tidal section (Tab --> 4) I cant use the arrow keys or page up/down

Good catch – I’ve passed it on to the team.


Lyric page arrow key scroll would be good too

Oh and one I’m not sure about…

Navigation menu open and I click playlist button, the display changes but nav menu stays on top - should this hide?

Also would be good if Ctrl-e toggled rather than just displayed playlist, a minor issue though!

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This one I can’t reproduce – are you clicking the navigation button (“hamburger” in top-left) then selecting Playlists, and the Navigation panel is staying open? Windows, OSX, or Android?

Sorry I didn’t explain this one very well…

Click nav button so nav menu open then play queue button at bottom of screen would describe it better.

The play queue appears behind the opaque screen, I wondered if the nav menu should hide so the queue is visible or the nav menu should close as if i’d clicked anywhere else on that screen.

@mike put in work tickets for our UI programmer to get this done, and mentioned this page, and said “wow, this guy’s good” :smile:

Thanks @Hectorson! Good eye for detail.

Got it. Agreed there too!

Thanks @Hectorson – really good feedback.

Sorry one more!

Could Ctrl-s toggle too please

AH! Just found Esc works for this…