Tidal service login is failing

MAC OS x, version 10.13.6 ROOn version 1.6 Build 416

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
WiFi on Asus router

I can log into my Tidal account on the Mac Mini desktop on which my ROON Core is loaded, but I am unable to login to Tidal as a ROON service. Yes, I have restarted my Mac Mini without resolution of the problem.

Tidal Login as a service of ROON is failing

Hi @Tom_Kaminsky,

Just to verify here, if you connect your Core machine to the network via Ethernet instead of WiFi, is there any change in behavior?

Do you have any active antivirus or firewall? Does disabling them temporarily yield any change?

I am connected to the Internet on my Mac Mini by both ethernet and WiFi simultaneously. When I turn WiFi off, the problem is not resolved. I have no active firewall or antivirus. Bear in mind, I am able to log into my Tidal account within the Tidal application on the MAC Mini. It is only within ROON that I am receiving bad username or password error message. This only started in the past couple of days.

I assume you will escalate this issue to engineers if you can’t find a solution?

Do you have any further suggestions or ideas for a fix?

I restarted my Core which resides on a SonicTransporter, not my Mac Mini as I thought, and that solved the Tidal login problem.

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