Tidal Service Loses Connectivity

I recently decided to add Tidal to the Roon experience.

But, I’m experiencing problems after a few hours playback with symptoms similar to those already reported. For example, I was playing an album and all of a sudden playback stopped (with playback indicator scans left to right.) Album data and track information was available but after a while I briefly saw a red warning notice along the lines of: track not available.

The album plays directly from Tidal.

I checked a couple of other albums on Tidal and had the same problem. It seems that Roon was no longer connected to Tidal.

So, I logged onto Roon Core (headless Ubuntu Server 16.04) and checked connectivity. Okay. Then restarted the Roon service (sudo systemctl restart roonserver) and everything back to normal.

Same problem has occurred again. Restart again … fine.

Happy to help diagnose the issue. BTW, server has 16GB ECC a lowly but capable Turion processor.

I see the exact same behavior with Linux RoonCore on i5 NUC I restarted Roon yesterday because I got slow search performance it did not help so I had to logout of the Tidal service.

Then I logged into Tidal again and performance was normal.
But today I get the network error when loading the Tidal section.
To me it looks like when Tidal have connection problems it slows down showing local content as well.

What I don’t understand is that I have to log out and in again of Tidal.
It is annoying that Roon does not re bear my password.

I subscribed to Tidal yesterday and for a company that links itself with Roon so closely they don’t seem to work well together. Since i can’t answer any of the high tech questions i’ll just use the app. and directly log in to Tidal until my subscription runs out.