Tidal settings question

Apologies if this has been answered before…

Streaming from Tidal/Roon with a MicroRendu.

On the Tidal website we apparently now have an extra option 'above ’ HiFi to enable MQA streaming. I’ve checked that box as I’m beginning to enjoy using MQA files.

Below that box you have the option of using

  • the built-in output, or
  • the default output, which means iOS is controlling

Would I be correct in checking the built-in output?

Does the fact that Tidal is enabling MQA mean that the MQA files are being unfolded to the first level?

Thanks for your help.

If you want to listen to music via the Tidal desktop app, you can select that “Master” setting in Tidal, and the app will decode (first unfold) MQA in software.

However, listening to source material from Tidal in Roon is completely separate from anything to do with the Tidal app, so nothing in your settings in the Tidal app has any effect on what happens when you’re listening to music via Roon. Roon doesn’t currently do any decoding of MQA in software, but this capability is expected “real soon now.”


That’s a very clear answer - thanks!