Tidal setup - My Tracks

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MacOS Roon 1.7 build 710 stable.

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Description Of Issue
Hi, how does tracks on Roon relate to tracks on Tidal? Tidal is the only source of music I have set up on Roon. On Tidal, my tracks are the ones I have favourited (hearts :blue_heart:). But I wonder if my Roon tracks also includes the Tidal albums I have favourited?

New to Roon, Tidal user since 2015. Mostly run Tidal on my iPad and iPhone but recently started running it on my Mac. :blue_heart:

Hi @Matt_Watson,

Welcome to Roon!

All of your TIDAL tracks and albums that are favorited will automatically sync to your Roon library. The same goes for if you add TIDAL tracks or albums to your Roon library — Those will sync to your TIDAL favorites and they should match up exactly.

That is correct!

Roon does not differentiate between tracks and albums in your library in the same way that TIDAL does. If you favorite an album, all of those tracks will show up in the Tracks list in Roon. Similarly, if you favorite a single track of an album, that album will appear in the Albums list even if it only contains that one track.