Tidal showing many low resolution albums

Am enjoying Roon, but something I am confused about.

I don’t recall seeing many albums that have the “yellow”, low resolution symbol (AAC) in Tidal. I have sampled a number of classical albums, and see a few that have the yellow light.

I am using a ifi nano dsd dac.

Does Tidal Classical have this many low resolution albums. An example is Thomas Sanderling Taneyev Symphonies 2 & 4 on Naxos.

Why are these not lossless?


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Hi @steveoat87 – thanks for the question.

@brian touched on this issue here.


It seems to be many. I am now listening to Casella Concerto for Orchestra on Naxos and see the same yellow light. What is odd is that I don’t ever remember seeing the yellow light when I used the Tidal app.


Something is very odd. I just played the Sanderling Taneyev Naxos CD that I referenced above using the Tidal app and it shows “HiFI”. Is there something going on within Roon that would cause an issue?

Roon always requests LOSSLESS quality… TIDAL gives you what they choose to. I’ve pinged our contacts over at TIDAL to get clarification, and even pointed them to this thread.

Also make sure you have exclusive mode enabled. I got a green light rather than purple when using my system with content from Tidal and even my regular AIFF/FLAC files.

Looks like two of the Naxos albums are not delivered as FLAC. We’ll get in touch with them to update this. The rest of the Sanderling catalogue appears to be fine. We are in the hands of what labels deliver to us, and we always chase them when we are notified so thanks.


If it’s not obvious already, @palbratelund is one of the head honchos over at TIDAL.

Where is the rest of the Harmonia Mundi catalog? You released a few titles a few weeks ago, but nothing else has been released.


I’ll check. Again - it’s in the hands of the label what they put up at any given time. I’m glad they put something up because we have been eagerly anticipating that. On behalf of ourselves and our customers :smile:

Another low resolution title: Ivan Fischer Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 2, Channel Classics. This is truly unfortunate as this is an audiophile label.

Rather than report each incident, going forward I will compile a list and submit once I have a number. Hope this doesn’t happen too often as this goes against the mission statement of Tidal.


Hi, Bruce
I have just learnt that a quite large chunk of albums is in the process of being moved to new servers and CDN so this is temporary. Everything should be completed within the next 7-10 days.

Your integration between Roon and Tidal is great. It takes me back to focusing on the music instead of the technology.

There is one part of the integration that I want to understand if it is “work as intended/designed” or not. It is when I add a track to library from a Tidal album, the album disappears from the Tidal album section and only shows the specific track in Main tracks section. I have to right-click on the track and delete it to make the album visible in the Tidal section again.

Sorry, not a perfect match to the topic, but close enough?

BR//Another Nordic Guy

@joakim – the idea behind the tidal section on the artist details page is that it “completes your catalog of the artist”.

when you add a tidal album to your library, its now part of the top most section, which is “your stuff”, as opposed to “the rest of the artist”.

This is a known bug @joakim – we’re working on a way for users to “complete” an album when they’ve only added one track to their library.

Thanks for the report.