Tidal signup broken

Started trial today. installed windows app, opted to start tidal trial. After selecting tidal plan, http://tidal.com/ae/try-now send me to http://getlossless.com/ which is a dead link. So I could not use tidal with roon.

Hi @Fredrik_Lundholm — Thank you for sharing this observation you have made with and sorry to hear of the troubles.

I just checked the steps you listed in your report above and I am seeing something a little different:

"After selecting tidal plan, http://tidal.com/ae/try-now "

  • I selected the “start free trial” for both options.

“…send me to http://getlossless.com/ 3 which is a dead link.”

  • In both cases when I clicked the “start free trial” option I was sent here and given the option to sign up.


Thanks for confirming, seems to be a regional issue.

Hi @Fredrik_Lundholm ---- Thank you for the follow up! I wanted to check in with you to see any progress has been made with getting your free trial started with TIDAL. Has TIDAL support been able to help at all?


I signed up though with tidal using a VPN and it is working now.

Thank you.

I must admit though I have another question.
I have a Linn (KDSM/2) streamer, and I feel that the sound quality is slightly better when streaming TIDAL directly to the Linn (using a Linn control point) rather than through roon. I have disabled all roon DSP, and verified the source file is 16/44kHzFLAC in both cases.
I asked Linn about it and they say that internally in the LINN both sources are handled the same, the only difference is that you convert FLAC to PCM in the roon core rather than sending the FLAC to the linn device.

  1. Is there anyway beyond screenshots to confirm that the Tidal source is identical with the Roon core software and what the Linn streamer will pull from Tidal? (I have screenshots saying that the roon source file is 16/44kbit FLAC and loslessly transmitted to the Linn streamer.)
  2. Is there any “hidden” processing that is inadvertently changing the Tidal source data beyond a bit perfect conversion between FLAC and PCM in roon core? (Ie does roon perform any processing of the PCM stream to avoid clipping that might affect the sound). If so, can it be disabled?

EDIT: I now see that even though all DSP functions were disabled for the Linn source the “DSP engine” was still enabled. I will now disable also the DSP engine and will report if I hear any difference.

Hi @Fredrik_Lundholm ---- Thank you for the follow up! I am glad to hear that you were able to get your TIDAL trial up and running.

I wanted to check in with you in regard to the above and see how things were going with the DSP engine disabled. Your signal path is going to tell you everything you need to know in regard to the stream being sent from Roon to the given endpoint.