Tidal skip tracks / wont play


Roon Core is running on my desktop Win 10 > Segemcom router > Allo USBridge > Chord Qutest

Wired Ethernet

When I choose an album from Tidal, it skips 1-8 tracks before it starts playing a track.
If I choose a number, it tries to start and then stops quickly again.
It only happens with Tidal, my library works fine.
The problem is not static,sometimes it play fine, it started about a week ago.
Ive rebooted everything.


Is it every TIDAL album?

I recently noticed a few TIDAL releases that won’t play, but there is an alternative that does. Unfortunately, TIDAL messes around with releases from time-to-time.

It seems very random, album i have in favorites does it , album i search for do it.
I can pick an album, press play & it works fine, then replay and it start to jump tracks again.

Hi @mads_Thodsen-hede,

If you play to System Output of the Core machine does the same behavior occur?

My System Output works fine, cant reproduce the error i get when Chord Qutest is output.

Thanks for confirming, @mads_Thodsen-hede!

Moving forward, I am hoping you can verify the following:

  • What are your download speeds for the network?
  • Can you share a screenshot of the Signal Path when playing to the Chord?
  • If you go to Settings > Services, select TIDAL, and then lower the streaming quality, is there any change?

Listed from ISP 150/30

Master / Hi fi / high / does it
Normal seems to work

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