Tidal skipping tracks

I’m running Roon on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.4.

Tidal is skipping songs after anywhere from 10-60 seconds. I deleted my cache as described in other threads and that seemed to fix it for a while, but it started doing it again…

Another machine (running Windows 10) connected to the same library on the same network is exhibiting the same behavior.

Any ideas?

Hey @Jeff_Branion – sorry for the trouble. Can you let me know where you’re located, what kind of TIDAL account you’re using, and how your network is setup?

Also, does this ever happen with local content? What audio output are you playing TIDAL to when this happens? System Output? USB DAC? Network zone?

North America (Los Angeles). Tidal HIFI account. Both machines I’ve experienced the dropouts are wired through a switch to the router. This never happens with local content. On the Mac I’m using the optical/toslink (Built-in system output) out, and on the PC I’m using USB. I have multiple outputs on various devices on my network that never have the problem with local content—only with Tidal. I’ve tried deleting the cache on the Mac (haven’t tried on the PC yet), and tried logging out of Tidal then logging back in to no avail.

It seems to have fixed itself. Anything happen at your end, Mike?

I’ve had a problem with streaming long tracks (15 minutes plus) from Tidal. The first track usually plays through okay but the second track will drop the last few seconds and go on to the third track which generally again plays through okay but the problem is repeated with the fourth!! Classical symphonies (e.g. Mahler, Shostakovich, etc.) have long movements; there is no way around it. Doesn’t happen at all on local content. I suspect this is a buffering issue: either Tidal isn’t allowing for full buffering of tracks or Roon Server isn’t allocating adequate memory for track buffering. I’m sure this is the problem, since if it was the local-area network it should happen on local content as well. I have fast internet and a computer with an I-5 processor and 8gb of memory.