Tidal slanted towards certain music types

There is also My Mix which is in My Collection here you will find playlists etc similar to Spotify recommended ones based on what you listen to and have in you collection.

You’re welcome! Stay safe.

I agree that Tidal has in fact changed its app a lot in the last two years. I have no hip hop on my Tidal app home page (well there are a couple I don’t recognize the genre, but not obviously hip hop artists).

Right now I am running Qobuz and Tidal in parallel.

I don’t see any Metallica in Tidal except a Loe Reed album. Qobuz brings seven plus that same Lou reed. I’m in US.

Strange! I’m in the UK and can see 17 Metallica albums in Tidal, one of which is the Lou Reed album.

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If the smaller players are wiped out, price will go up for premium services.They are the only competition in that sphere.

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Yeah, lots of ways to access Amazon Music outside Amazons apps. I don’t use it myself but am curious to know how it compares to Tidal.

Yes, “regional” differences.

Here in Canada, only the album with Lou Reed, that’s it.

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My take on this is that I think I shouldn’t have to go to Tidal app to see what releases are suggested to me. I never use the Tidal app at home except fridays to look for new releases that suits me. The Tidal part of Roon only lists r’n’b and hip hop as new releases. I’d say 95% is not suited for me. Would be very beneficial if that would be fixed.

You just have to click the Genres tab and then pick the music category you like and you will get lots of choices for your preferences.

Indeed, Tidal “New Albums” section is full of hip-hop/rap etc., and new albums form other genres are missing all the time.
User is forced to navigate to “New Albums” section for each preferred genre, in order to see “his” new albums. This is bad for user experience, and it is clearly “slanted towards certain music types”…

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This is just not the case for me. Do you favorite artists or albums? Not sure why you only get hip hop, but Tidal has not been that way for me for 18-24 months.