Tidal slow tonight. Anyone else?

Today I am having problems with Tidal. The download is so slow that stream reproduction stutters and stops, Roon skipping tracks.

As my Roon Core is normally connected via WiFi, I connected it via Ethernet to the router. Doesn’t make a difference. Using the Tidal app on my laptop I am running into the same problem - music reproduction stops after a few seconds. So it seems the problem is with the streaming from Tidal, not with Roon.

Speedtest on my WiFi-connected laptop gives me 67 Mbps down; on my Ethernet-connected server the same.

Anyone else having problems with streaming from Tidal tonight?

Are you using a good public dns setting like or

Yes, I do. BTW, nothing has changed with my DNS setting. For weeks and months all well, until this afternoon.

I just happened to try again, and I have now an album streaming… the download is still slow, but is now faster than the 1,5 Mbps of a 44.1/16 stream…