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When accessing Tidal within the Roon app, is there any way to change the way albums are sorted? They just seem to appear in a random order, which I do not like. On the Bluesound app, you can change the sorting by artist, date added etc.

This issue is putting me off using Roon, which is a shame.

Welcome to the forum. Where are you looking at the albums in roon?

I’m pretty sure he’s looking in Sidebar > Tidal. Just like this

and lots of other similar threads. Unfortunately, as you know, there are no sort options in the Tidal and Qobuz sections

What a shame. I don’t think I’ll bother with Roon because it’s too annoying not being able to sort my favourites. Even alphabetical order would be nice!

Go to My Library > Albums, then Focus > Format (+ TIDAL). Then sort by artist, ascending. In my case, I use Qobuz. You may also filter on Roon favourites by clicking on the heart icon, or custom tags.

You may save this view as a bookmark, and it will dynamically update when you add new albums.

Heart icon is for Roon favourites Martin not Tidal favourites as you know they have very different uses between Roon and Tidal.

I know, but we’re in Roon. :slightly_smiling_face: And there’s no concept of TIDAL favourites in Roon. TIDAL favourite ≡ Release in Roon library (for the OP, not you.)

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The idea of Roon is not to use those sections for browsing your music. They are there for discover of newer releases and playlists see it as a small window in to Tidal. The idea of Roon is it manages your music wether from Tidal or Local files in its own library section here you can organise as you want with Roons deep focus features. If you have linked your Tidal account any favourites you had will sync to your local version of Roons library it’s here you do your search and sorting and playlist building. It takes a little getting used to as it works differently than other software, just play around and it will sync in.

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That is possible of course like @Martin_Webster and @CrystalGipsy wrote. I was just referring to what I thought you were asking, going to the Roon Sidebar > Browse > TIDAL. Sorry for any confusion caused!

And @ged_hickman1 was right to ask to begin with!

Hi @Nick_Morrow,

Were you able to successfully sort your music the way you want? Please let me know! It looks like you received the proper advice but we want to be sure.


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