Tidal Sound Dynamic Waveform Bar

Why doesn’t the dynamic range bar show anything when Tidal is playing? It is a flat line that only displays the time into the track.

Because the tracks are being streamed, so roon cannot analyze them. There is no way for roon to scan, since it only gets the bits that you are listening to, so not the complete file.

When playing tracks from your own library, roon can analyze them since it can look at the whole file.

Thanks for the explanation. To bad they could not buffer the stream and play it through.

Then we would have, ‘Why does Tidal delay so long’? Type questions followed by, Can we have this as an option etc
This would quickly become bloat ware I think. Certainly very low on my list of priorities for the development team.
Just thoughts, Chris :blush:

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There’s already feature request for it Waveform for Tidal with some further discussion that’s worth a read.

Thanks for the information. Nice feature request.