Tidal Sound Level Meter / MQA Labeling


A couple of improvements that I’d like to see:

  • Is it difficult to show the sound level meter for Tidal? It always looks a bit handicapped when i listen to Tidal tracks not seeing when the climax comes.

  • Why is it so difficult to distinguish Tidal MQA tracks with some special logos, when you can easily see all MQA albums with “M” on Tidal app? Can’t you just import that information into Roon and use it?

The continued lack of an icon identifying MQA in the Roon UI is a major annoyance.

Boy, I couldn’t agree more. Having to start playing each album just to see which format (i.e.MQA) you have is tedious. Easy fix? Even Tidal has put an “M” on the album icon to tell us.

They have an M symbol in the BluOS app and so I find them in Tidal there, add them as favourites and then Tag them Tidal MQA in Roon.
I appreciate this only helps if you have Bluesound to play with, but it’s what I do to find MQA. There is a lot of MQA music not in the Masters section of Tidal.

Hopefully this makes it into 1.4 next year I guess.

Yeah, the trail and error of it gets old. I wonder if this is a limitation on the TIDAL side regarding their APIs or connection points? No idea.

I now just launch the TIDAL app on my laptop and find MQA albums and then adding them so they’ll appear in Roon - suboptimal process for sure.

+1 for this feature request to identify file format of tidal tracks from within Roon