Tidal SQ different via Roon Nucleus+ B

Hi all,

My system is CH Precision I1 and Magico S5 MK2, with Roon Nucleus+ RevB

I notice that there is sound different if I hear with Roon (Roon Ready mode) and without Roon (streaming mode), I would say I prefer without Roon.

From the picture, Roon Nucleus+ does not do any DSP, however, CH I1 does up sampling from 44.1kHz to 352.8kHz and Amplifier, do I understand it correctly? But then why the sample file from Tidal sounds differently?

Is there any one having notice the same? What should I do to improve the SQ?

As you play a Tidal FLAC file here, many of Tidal’s files are MQA encoded but there’s no indication of MQA in your Signal Path. Maybe your other path (without Roon) does make use of MQA? Please make double and triple sure to use the same file/stream if you want to compare. See also: