Tidal starts to stutter with squeezelite endpoints when seeking

We use squeezelite instead of roon’s core audio output, as this allows our custom DSP.

With Roon 1.3 on linux, Tidal tracks are streamed correctly to squeezelite clients running on localhost, but as soon as we seek inside the track, the music starts stuttering. When putting squeezelite in debug mode, we don’t see any alsa dropouts, so the stream is corrupted earlier, probably in Roon.

A big difference with a Logitech LMS as backend server is that LMS tells the logitech client to open the Tidal file directly, while roon proxies the tidal files towards the squeezelite clients, so squeezelite does not make a direct http connection to tidal’s CDN server.

As long as Tidal tracks are played integral, without seeking, no stutter occurs. When stutter occurs, stopping the playback and going back to the start of the track reset the problem.