Tidal stopped working in the middle of playback

I was listening to an album from the Tidal service and suddenly, it couldn’t access any Tidal tracks at all.

I checked if I was still logged in and I was. But no Tidal. I logged out and attempted to re-login and Tidal says “Login Successful!” and I get redirected back to the Roon app but it has not successfully logged in.

Attached is what I see when I am redirected to the Roon app (the exact same thing happens on my Android phone as well as the Windows 10 Roon remote).

Rebooting Core did not help.

Help please.

Hi @Eric_Josue,

What browser are you using for the TIDAL login?

If you try using a different remote device does the same issue occur?

I ended up doing some other troubleshooting that led me to turn off DNS caching on my network. This seemed to stabilize things quite a bit. This is the first time I have run into this so I found it strange that this problem starting happening after the most recent update. I’ll be keeping an eye on it over the next little bit.

Thanks for the update, @Eric_Josue. Let us know if you see any problems return!

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