Tidal stops playing frequently and randommly

Hi there. My Roon stops playing TIDAL frequently, at the middle of a song, without any logic reason nor message. There is no rule about it: could happen at the first song of an album or at any of the following. No error messages are given. The equalizer like minibars before track name keep moving up and down, showing that the track is playing but nothing plays and the progress slider is not moving.


Thanks. Nuno

Most of the time this is network or a glitch.
1.Try rebooting everything
2. if that doessn’t help sign in and out of Tidal in roon settings

The linn does not do MQA so the rendering should be donwe by the roon core and the dac set to no mqa capabilities.

Thank you for your tips.
You are right about LINN MQA capabilities and I just turned then off. Anyway, that setup was set from the very beginning, long before these stops started.
The rebooting trick does not work. I’ve tried several times.
Just found out that the stopping also happens when playing from library.

I would suggest opening a new thread under support.