Tidal stops working (completely tonight) but Qobuz works fine

Tidal stops working - especially on weekends and other busy times. WiFi strong. Changed DNS server to Google, etc. No improvement. Also, Tidal mobile app works fine same network. Not equip related so won’t list components. Strongly suspect Roon interaction with Tidal service. Others?

Sorry, no issue ovserved here using Tidal via Roon.
Did you try restart the Roon core plus disconnect / reconnect the Tidal account in Roon ?

I had to restart Roon (core) and Tidal has been fine since?

Consider changing your Tidal password and making sure it is secure. Your issue could be someone else using your account?

I do routinely recycle Roon core (machine and app), log out / disable and reenable Tidal service and typically that doesn’t seem to restore performance. But thanks for the suggestion.

Good thought. I do have a strong password but will certainly change it once again to ensure the account is not being hijacked.