TIDAL streaming at 176.4

I am running TIDAL on a Mac. I recently noticed that when using google chrome and running TIDAL player my DAC shows a 176.4 KHz stream (selecting to stream in FLAC at 1411).
If I use safari it limits me to apple lossless and then the TIDAL player on safari plays at 44.1 KHz as expected.
Initially I though my DAC was misreading but I get the 176.4 KHz stream every time I play via chrome.
Is TIDAL really streaming at resolutions higher than 44.1 KHz? Presently when using ROON to stream TIDAL it runs at 44.1 KHz.

Where are you and what music are you playing?

Was playing the Beatles initially. I normally don’t play TIDAL via a browser but due to the Beatles not being available on ROON initially, I launched both Safari and Chrome and discovered the difference.

Now I notice that almost all albums from TIDAL streamed from Chrome reflect 176.4. Not sure if my DAC is wrongly detecting the incoming data stream but it sounds fine.

Just to determine if it worked, I played TIDAL HIFI Beatles Catalogue through roon to HQPlayer and upsamples to DSD 128. It worked! Typically I use Amarra For TIDAL HIFI limited to 44.1. I was surprised but delighted. My Wyred 4 Sound Dac 2 DSDse confirmed the DSD128. Not a hiccup. Just music! And enjoyable.


Hi Richard,

How do you compare the sound quality of Roon+HQPlayer to Amarra For TIDAL?


Good morning, Miguelito.

I believe we both share a love for roon it’s UI/UX and consequently EM (enjoyment of the music). Integration with HQPlayer. And consequently, the enablement of roon/TIDAL HIFI/HQPlayer to up sample TIDAL HIFI to DSD128, which I have succeeded doing.

With respect to roon et al, pardon my post in response to Miguelito’s query. Disclosure: I am a beta tester (voluntary basis since 2011 for all of Sonic Studio’s products). And a lifetime subscriber to roon, gladly.

Miguelito, I can refer you to my thread at CA where we are both members re Amarra For TIDAL HIFI with iRC Present and Future. You may already know A4TwiRC has released a new build enabled to employ both iRC and ARA (Amarra Remote App). Recommend you go to my thread as I am not comfortable using roon to promote Sonic Studio’s A4T here. And I would love it if roon and Amarra would integrate, but I fear that will never happen.

Notwithstanding the excellent rendition by roon/HQPlayer/TIDAL HIFI, which is outstanding, subjective as my assessment may be regarded, I find A4THIFIwiRCwARA to be best in class re SQ. in fact I often forget I am listening to TIDAL HIFI streaming when listening through A4T as the Amarra engine is that good and renders TIDAL HIFI as the equivalent to the roon equation I referred to at the start of this post. Yes, SQ with roon/DSD128 via HQP is excellent. AND, notwithstanding that assessment, I find I go-to A4T for the SQ and now with ARA (remote app) ease/convenience when streaming TIDAL HIFI, my preference for SQ is Amarra For TIDAL.

If my post violates Roon’s protocols, I’ll understand any response the staff may choose re this post.

We have the best of both worlds with roon and Amarra and HQPlayer. These programs are splendid gifts for our enjoyment of the music.

The Music’s the thing; the equipment seduces,