Tidal stuttering and skipping

I’m getting stuttering and skipping, especially at the beginning of tracks, when playing Tidal tracks from Roon, browser version of Tidal works flawless.

Yes I had something similar last night.

Same here. My download bandwidth in NYC is 300mbps (320 when tested)+ping time sub 20ms.

Problem still persist :worried: any progress solving this?

Hi @VidarDK – can you let me know where you’re located?

Hi’ @mike I’m located in Denmark (Tidal premium subscription), my download speed is 100mbps.

I’m having problems with TIDAL tracks skipping this evening, is there a general problem here. They play cleanly when they load.

I’m in the UK if that makes any difference.

Still problems with Tidal skipping songs in Roon 1.1 :cry:

Changing from Tidal Premium to Tidal Hi-Fi seems to solve the skipping problem :grinning:

Wow, that’s great news! We test with both, but I think it’s fair to say that Tidal HiFi has gotten the lion’s share.

We’re going to look into this. Thanks for the report!

Some Tidal tracks are stuttering for me when playing back through Roon (but it plays just fine from the Tidal site and app). Just started last night. Looks like the last update to this thread was August of '15. Was there any resolution to this issue?

This also has started happening for me recently. Gigabit internet connection here.