Tidal subscription not linking to Roon Nucleus

I am using a Roon Nucleus, version and I can’t link my Tidal Subscription anymore - started about 3 days ago. It has worked well since I got the Nucleus. When I go to Settings, Services, it says Tidal is not configured. I Login successfully on the browser link and it says Tidal and Roon are linked but it does not redirect me to Roon automatically and when I go back to the Services page within Roon it still wants me to Login and configure the link. I have reset my Router, logged out of Tidal and back in, logged out of Roon and back in, removed and reinstalled the Roon app on my iPhone and iPad. I am using Tidal HiFi and my subscription runs until 4/25/21. Would appreciate some advice on how to fix this if it is not a back end linking issue. Thanks.

Same problem here, but instead of Roon Nucleus my Roon Core is a Synology DS218+. Roon Version is 1.7 (build 710).

Any help would be appreciated, as I can only play files from my library.


Edit: Just restarted Roon Service and Synology Server and after that I could link my Tidal subscription