Tidal Suddenly Unavailable

Tidal tracks in Roon are now not available (has been fine for the past six months I’ve been with Roon).

Tried signing in and out of Roon in settings but get message “there was an unexpected error…”

If I use Tidal directly (not through Roon) all is fine.

Same here. Something like “TIDAL: This track is currently not available…”. Tried to log out and now can’t even log in again. “There was an unexpected error…”
Local files work fine. Tidal App on MBP too.

Have you tried restarting your Core? (Roonserver or ‘full fat’ Roon – whichever is your Core).

Ok, rebooting the core “fixes” the problem…

Same here–fixed by restarting the core. Thanks very much for the help.

Doesn’t fix it for me. Tidal tracks that are available in the Tidal app are not available in Roon, even though the album shows up. Odd.