Tidal sued in class action over Kanye tweet

Well that’s just fan-fricken-tastic. Cannot think of anything I would want my subscription monies spent on less; even digitising Liberace’s complete back catalogue would be preferable to paying legal fees to defend this. Hopefully Tidal have insurance that can fund it.

Edit: Actually, they already have 19 main albums for Liberace, so I’m going to have to find a new nadir.

Just put on some good music, Andy. Who’s even certain that the Life of Pablo is released yet? :wink:


Good advice Pal, but it doesn’t excuse the Liberace.

Have Roon create a filter.

All mentions of Mr Kanye West bring only this to mind:

Never gets old.


Yup, hard to tell the difference…

To be fair though that song is so so hard to sing - no one could match Freddie singing that type of music. Not to say that Kayne has any talent of course - he doesn’t.

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Oh, he has talent. Difficult to get to where he’s got to without talent.

Just not that talent…