Tidal Sync Issues adding Tidal to Roon Library

Bug/support issue (Roon Remote)

If you go back and forth between Tidal’s album that is playing, adding a track to Roon, and swapping back and forth between the two, Roon gets lost or confused and will not longer add a track, album or anything from Tidal to Roon.

Leaving Roon Remote and going to my main PC (running Roon Core) I get the same result. Only solution that clears the problem that I have found is shutting down Roon Core and restarting it

At this point I usually delete what I was trying to add to Roon and then start over.

Telling Tidal/Roon to add a track to the library and immediately going to another browse pages seem to cause this to happen.

If you are careful and use the right sequence the issue doesn’t happen (so far).

@support might be interested in this post.

Hi @Alfred_Linthicum,

I’ve split out your two part post into two topics, this helps to keep them focused and you get better support this way.

Thanks - I’ll make a point of doing this in the future, one topic per post

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