Tidal Syncing Issues [Ticket Open]

Thanks for letting me know those timestamps @bobflood, I can confirm that we have received the diagnostics from your machine and it is being reviewed.

@jtnt - Would it be possible for you to let me know some timestamps as @bobflood has done on his post to see if there is a correlation in the reports here? After receiving those timestamps I can go ahead and enable diagnostics mode for your account as well.


Don’t know if it’s specific enough, but I did all of the above right before I submitted the post above, so ~8:40-8:45pm eastern on December 17th.

If you need specific timestamps for particular actions, I can do that tonight when I’m back home.

Hi @jtnt ---- Thank you for the follow up and insight here!

Continuing forward, I went ahead and enabled diagnostics on your account so we can have a closer look into the mentioned time frames. However, specific timestamps would be a huge help, so if you are able to send those over when you are home tonight it would be appreciated!

Many thanks!

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Today, 18th of December:
11:10 PM - Favorited the album Evanescene - Synthetis Live in the TIDAL app.
11:12 PM - Synced TIDAL in Roon using the TIDAL screen since in the settings it keeps saying that its syncing and there is no button to sync.
11:13 PM - Checked to see if the album has been added to Roon. It has not.

The time is in my local time which is Eastern Europe. UTC + 2.

Please let me know when you have looked at the logs because i want to add some new albums and i dont want to clog the logs with that. Thank you.

Hi @noris. I’ve tried changing the dns for my router and it hasn’t fixed anything.

@Dusty - Thanks for providing those timestamps and trying the DNS change, I can confirm that we have received the current logs from your system so you can go ahead and start adding new albums.


(or as better said from one Romanian to another - Mulțumesc! :slight_smile: )

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8:11pm - Add Tidal album to collection in Roon (shows up in Tidal and Roon)
8:11 - Add Tidal album to collection in Tidal app (does not show up in Roon)
8:11 - Log out of Tidal in Roon
8:12 - Quit Roon Core
8:12 - Remove Tidal cache on Core machine
8:13 - Start Roon Core
8:13 - Login in to Tidal in Roon

Tidal collection is loaded, but album I added in Tidal app above is not listed.

Still says “Syncing library now” as I type this at 8:16

Edit: 9:19 - Try to remove a Tidal album in Roon, get “File not found” error.

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At some point my sync happened but now it is back to being stuck on “Syncing Library Now”, so on point two I am not sure If I can do that.

I will make a change now, 8:47 PM. I added to Roon a Barenaked Ladies album “BNL plays Red Rock”. It popped a message that “adding is taking longer than expected” but then it did finish.

It says it is syncing now.

Roon has not indicated that syncing is complete, but the album now IS in my Tidal account. So sync happened but Roon does not realize it.

EDIT - i added three albums to Tidal and they are NOT making it into Roon. So for me, Tidal to Roon no, Roon to Tidal yes.


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@jtnt and @RobOK ---- Thank you both for the follow up and providing the exact time when you encountered the issue. Both are greatly appreciated!

I have went ahead and enabled diagnostics on your accounts and what this action will do is the next time Roon is active on your core machines a diagnostics report containing a set of your Roon logs will automatically be generated/uploaded to our servers for review.

We will confirm when the reports have been received and then swiftly pass them over to our tech team for review.


Update: Well, that was fast : ) Confirming that both diagnostics reports have been received!


Progress on this?

This was two nights ago, the three albums have not shown up and Roon still says sync is in progress.

EDIT: I just added an album to Roon and it took a long time to add to the Library, but then it rapidly showed up in Tidal. So the problem is only in one direction. (approx 7:48 EST)

Hello @bobflood -

I have reported this issue to the devs and they are still investigating.
I will be sure to let you know as soon as I have any new information to share.



Thanks, Just curious.

It appears that SYNC is working again. Just in time to delete all the Holiday albums I added. I think it started working again at about 6PM EST. I can delete from Roon and all my changes made in the Tidal app have synced.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all Roon support staff.


Hello @bobflood,

Thanks for letting me know that sync is working again for you, @RobOK/@jtnt/@Dusty - can you please let me know if it is now working for you or are you still experiencing the same issue?


I just removed all my Christmas albums in Tidal, but they are all still there in Roon. I rebooted the Core machine and removed the Roon Cache folder.

Edit: I also logged out of / into Tidal - removing the Tidal cache in between.

FWIW, other things with Tidal seem slower than normal recently. Two specific things I’ve noticed: search results from Tidal and initial play of a Tidal album, the latter takes 5-7 seconds between clicking play and the track starting to play.

May be unrelated (or my imagination), but figured I’d mention it.

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Any ideas or workarounds on this? The annoyance factor grows with each album I add or remove, and since I’m a pretty active music explorer, the slope of the graph is pretty steep. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @jtnt,

Unfortunately I do not have an update at this time, all I can comment is that the dev team is aware of this behavior and they are still investigating the cause.

Things might be a bit slow because some of our staff members are currently out of the office due to the holiday season but I will be sure to let you know as soon as I have more information to share.


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@noris Thanks. :+1: