TIDAL Syncing issues

Here goes my first post in Roon community :slight_smile:
This problem seems to persist ever since I started using Roon. It gets extra annoying when I add songs to my Tidal playlist and want to listen on Roon when I’m home.

Forcing a sync doesn’t work either.
Any pro tips? I can provide logs if it’s somehow possible.

Hello @Selcuk_Kalyoncu,

Welcome to the Roon forum! I have split your post from the previous thread so that I can better assist here, can you please provide some more context for your setup using this thread as a guide?

On my end I just tried adding a track to a TIDAL playlist using the TIDAL app, then forced a manual TIDAL sync an the track showed up as expected in my Roon-TIDAL playlist. If you can share a screenshot of this behavior that will also help here, you can use these instructions to upload screenshots to this website.


Hi Noris, thanks for reply.
Roon Core is running on a NUC. Version info is as below:

Below you can see my Tidal playlist: Check the last song i added (Radiohead - The National Antheme)

This is how the same playlist looks in Roon: (i took this screen shot after forcing a sync)

Hi @Selcuk_Kalyoncu,

That’s certainly strange that the track is not showing up for you, as I mentioned I was able to add tracks just fine on my end. You don’t by any chance have two TIDAL accounts? Does rebooting your Core help at all with this issue?


Hi Noris,
Strange indeed. And painful :slight_smile:
I have only 1 Tidal account.
I tried rebooting the core which didn’t help.

And playlist is still not updated (after almost 12hours)

So, i did some deep digging into Roon logs today :slight_smile:

Short version: I realised that this problem occurs only with one particular playlist. So i simply duplicated it and the new list gets the updates.

Long version:
I checked Roon Logs. To be more specific I looked at the calls Roon makes to Tidal API.
I can see that it makes all the necessary calls for that particular problematic playlist and Tidal returns the songs. So my guess is Roon somehow fails to parse and update.
OR maybe it’s a caching problem with that playlist.

Hi @Selcuk_Kalyoncu,

Thanks for digging into this deeper. Huh, that is really strange that this behavior only affects one of your playlists. Do you by any chance still have the playlist saved in your Roon database? Glad to hear that the issue is resolved but ideally I would like to ask QA to take a look at your database to see why this issue occurred. If you are willing to send us your database for analysis, can you please use these instructions to send it over to us?


I’m more than happy to help. But size of that folder is 2,5G and I dont have that much space in Dropbox or wetransfer (which are your preferred methods)
Any other way to do this?

That being said, 2G of that 2,5G are images. (RoonServer/Database/Core/d9ec218b39ac4abba08fe37b848a9cbd/images_1 )
Do you really need those? :slight_smile:

Hi @Selcuk_Kalyoncu,

It’s best not to modify the backup at all so the information is preserved :slight_smile: .
I will private message you alternate upload instructions shortly.



Im facing the exact same issue. The only difference is that my core is in a Mac Mini. List A is not synching at all, so I duplicated List A into List B. List B after a manual refresh showed up with 3 recently added songs that List A never showed. Then I added the same song to both lists using the Tidal app on my phone, manually refreshed Roon and then List B showed the new song. List A did not. Very strange.

fyi - I am having the same issue with (at least) one more playlist

Hi @Selcuk_Kalyoncu,

I will follow up with you via private message for next steps.


Following up on this, my new playlists started having the same sync issue.
Getting pretty frustrating…

Hi @Selcuk_Kalyoncu,

I have followed up with you via private message.

– Noris

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how do I duplicate playlists ? I cannot get my tidal playlists to update for the life of me either. Tried everything

I can list 3 ways to do this (there might be more)

  1. Create a new empty list. Then right-click on the list (in the sidebar) you want to duplicate and select “Add to Playlist” and select the new empty playlist you created.
    Keep in mind that this changes the order of the tracks a bit. It also didn’t work so nicely when there were tracks in your playlist which are not available anymore (but looks like they fixed that problem now)

  2. Similar to above, create new playlist. But this time select the songs from your original playlist in bulk (you can do this using shift+select) and add to your new playlist. This takes more time but you can keep the order of your original list.

  3. You can probably use soundiiz.com. But I assume your playlist is large, which means you need to pay for it. So this is a bit unnecessary imho

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