TIDAL "Syncing Library Now"....nothing being added

Hello! I’m new to Roon and was off to a good start with TIDAL integration until yesterday when tracks I was marking as ‘Favorite’ in TIDAL were not syncing with Roon. I get the “Syncing Library Now” message on the Services tab, but no newly favourited tracks are appearing in Roon and the “Syncing Library Now” doesn’t go away unless I disable TIDAL or logout of TIDAL in the Services tab. I’ve logged out/ logged back in a few times and at best one track per album will show up, and then it just hangs again.

I exited Roon and left it closed overnight hoping that it would have resolved itself this AM, but so far no luck.

Apologies if this fix has been discussed previously - I did a search but couldn’t seem to find the same issue being mentioned.


I just noticed that a workaround I can do (and maybe helps in diagnosing the issue) is mark an album as ‘Favorite’ in TIDAL, then all of the tracks do show up in Roon (and I can ‘ban’ the tracks I don’t want to hear). But for albums with only 1 or 2 tracks I’ve favorited in TIDAL I’d much prefer to just have them sync properly with TIDAL rather than have to ban 10 tracks to get at the one I do want to hear. :smile:

Hmmmm, still have “syncing library now” showing non-stop. Any advice?

Hi @Chris_Ferneyhough – we were investigating some issues in this area right before things slowed down for the holiday – sorry for the slow response here.

Can you let me know some more of the basics of your system as described here? Can you also let me know if you have experienced any crashes, and also how many Tidal favorites you have roughly, total across albums, artists, and tracks?

Hi @mike - thanks very much for looking into this.

  • Roon version: 1.1, Build 88
  • I use a MacMini as my music server, and that is where my Roon files are stored. I also use Roon on a couple of different Macs as a remote. The MacMini that is my music server is: OSX 10.8.5 with 16GB of RAM.
  • The music that I have stored in my Roon folder is stored on the internal hard drive

As for Tidal, I currently have 8,668 favorite tracks, across 1,721 albums. I haven’t marked any artists as favorite in Tidal. I haven’t experienced any crashes at all with Roon, but the ‘Syncing Library Now’ wheel continues to spin.

As an aside, I also can’t seem to remove any Tidal albums from my Roon library, so I’ve taken to hiding them instead. I probably have a few dozen albums that I’d like to remove from Roon that are tied to Tidal.

Thanks for letting me know this Chris. What happens if you log into Tidal through a web browser and “un-favorite” the tracks? Do the disappear from your Roon library as well?

I tried doing this, but nothing changed. I also tried disabling Tidal through Roon, as well as logging out of Tidal (and then back in again) through Roon but there were no changes to the tracks that I had unfavorited.

Hey @mike, I just wanted to let you know that I am still having this issue (“Syncing Library Now” - constant never ending spinning wheel). I’ve figured out a work-around for adding Tidal tunes to my Roon library, so now I’m a little worried about this issue being fixed and messing everything up, but the issue still exists and I still cannot remove Tidal albums from my library. I’m using Build 94.

Can you try the steps listed here and let me know if you’re still experiencing this issue?

Sure thing - followed the steps and the issue still exists.

Just sent you a PM – take a look and we’ll figure out what’s going on here.