Tidal takes up to 20 seconds to play

Roon Core Machine

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-107-generic x86_64) installed on Intel NUC 11 w/ Core i7-1165G7 and 4GB of RAM.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

USBridge/Zen Stream > Ubiquiti USW-Lite-16-PoE > TL-SG2424 > Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER4 > 1Gbps fiber Internet connection

Connected Audio Devices

Allo USBridge Signature > USB > Topping U90 > coax > Topping D90SE
iFi Zen Stream > USB > Topping U90 > coax > Topping D90SE

Number of Tracks in Library

766 tracks (I rarely listen to local library, mainly listen to Tidal)

Description of Issue

Tidal can take up to 20 seconds to play from a paused state or after fast forwarding/rewinding through a track. Changing tracks doesn’t seem to be an issue. This happens with an iFi Zen Stream or Allo USBridge Signature as the audio device and does NOT happen If I use Tidal directly on the Zen Stream (no Roon) so this is definitely a Roon/Tidal issue. I believe this started with one of the 9xx builds of Roon 1.8 (when all the Tidal tweaking was being done?).

Hi you see another active thread on this same subject.
Looks to be a problem introduced in the latest build

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Which thread?

I saw a couple of similar threads but from a few months to over a year ago. My issue doesn’t go back that far. Latest build is barely a week old and the one before that not even a month old. My issue has only been around for a month or so.

This one here and also in the b923 feedback thread.
I have had this happen to me a couple of times this evening playing Tidal.

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Yup. Twice in the last hr for me on Tidal.

I suppose the only solution is to keep the music playing and never let it stop :grin:

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Tidal has been frustrating for me today. Playback not starting, albums suddenly disappearing. I rebooted my Mac mini and logged back into tidal. Seems to be working better now.

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This problem back for anyone else? Just took ~20 seconds to resume playback on Tidal.

Hi @glc650,

I’m picking up the thread from your previous post in this topic, since the OP’s original issue had been resolved. The support team would be more than happy to look into what’s causing persistent Tidal playback delays for you.

First off, can you clarify a little bit about the issue? I know you’ve reported some of these details in the previous thread, but the more precisely you describe your current network setup to the support team, the more efficiently we can resolve the problem.

  • Are you experiencing the playback issue on just one Remote, or all devices?

  • Is it specific to one endpoint as well, or systemic across your endpoints? Try streaming content to the System Output of a remote, just in case there’s a connection issue with a particular endpoint.

  • Does it occur with only certain file types?

  • Are you able to replicate the issue with local content playing?

Lastly, I recommend rebooting your network router and any other hardware in the meantime, just to create stable and replicable network conditions for further troubleshooting. There’s a chance that may even resolve the issue at this point if you’re running the most recent build. We’ll take a look at some diagnostics from your account in the meantime to see what we can learn.

See here:

The only difference now is it doesn’t happen every time I hit play and even when it doesn’t happen there is still a 3-5 second delay (and others have reported this after 931). Prior to the issue playback would resume in a second or less.

Hi @glc650,

Thanks for clarifying and pointing me to the previous post. I’ve once again merged everything together to keep a clean record and consolidate information as we troubleshoot.

A few additional questions about your network, when you have a chance:

Is your Core hardwired, and if so, where does it fit in your configuration (ie. directly to router, to one of the switches, etc.)?

Unless I’m mistaken, these are both fully managed switches. The TL-SG2424 likely has a flow control setting you can enable, which may help. We’ve found managed switches can interfere with Roon in more complex network setups, so if you’re in a position to test playback without the switches, it might help illuminate next steps. You can read more in our Networking Best Practices guide in case it hasn’t been suggested previously.

Since updating to the latest build, have you had a chance to try a full logout - > Core reboot → login to Tidal? I also strongly suggest trying a network hardware reset. The team is having a look at your logs in the meantime, and I’ll be watching for your response.

Everything is hardwired at 1gbe with 1gbe fiber Internet:
iFi Zen Stream > Ubiquiti USW-Lite-16-PoE > TL-SG2424 > router/modem
Roon Core on NUC > TL-SG2424 > router/modem

The switches are fully managed and have not had any changes to their settings (i.e. the way they are setup now is how they were setup prior to the issue (months ago)). The switches are on different floor and sides of the house so there is no way to test without them.

I’ll try this next.

I’ve already done the reboot/unplug everything song and dance.

I did not have any issues until everyone else did a couple of months ago. Prior to that, hitting play on a paused Tidal track would result in it resuming almost instantly (1 sec or less). Then the issue started (since early 9xx updates) and resuming playback of Tidal took up to 20 seconds. Then 931 was released and that eliminated the 20 second delay (but still took 2-5 instead of 1). Now (since the 952 or maybe 943 update) the 20 second delay is back but only sometimes (2-5 seconds the rest of the time). This issue only exists with Tidal.