Tidal - Ten Redux (PJ) missing from Roon

I’m not able to see Pearl Jam’s “Ten Redux” album anywhere in Roon. However I am able to see it and play it just fine with the Tidal desktop and IOS apps. I don’t see this issue with any other PJ albums available from Tidal.


I just searched for “pearl jam ten redux” and Roon found it on Tidal. FWIW, I’m in the US.

Interesting, I’m also in the US. I was able to find it finally in Roon, but only by adding it to a playlist in the Tidal desktop app and then opening that playlist in Roon. I’ll try removing it from the Tidal playlist and see if it appears when I pull up PJ in Roon.

It still wasn’t showing up under PJ. After getting to it through the Tidal playlist, I was able to add it to my library and have it show up normally.

Strange, the only way I can see the album in Roon is through a Tidal playlist.

edit - Actually I updated to the latest (Build 216) and this seems to be addressed.

I am having issues with “Update All” since 1.3 was released, it seems the safeguards still kick in when updating from one 1.3 build to the next and I have to go to Settings / About in the desktop clients and force the update. While I don’t know if this is intentional or not, I do know that it is annoying.