TIDAL time sync and login problem between ROCK and different Roon remotes

Hello @support
I have some problems I can not figure out, but I think they have a connection with each other.

My setup:
ROCK on NUC7i7BNH, Build158, runs Roon 1.4, build 310
Roon endpoint, OPPO203
Toslink from OPPO to active speakers

Roon remotes:
2 x Windows10 computers running roon as remote, both with 1.4, build 310 (64bit)
2 x Android phones (samsung galaxy 6 and 7), running roon v.1.4, buid 310 (32bit)
TIDAL HIFI account, located in Norway
WAN 150Mbps down and 35 Mbps up
All my audio involved devices is connected to my WAN router with cables.

Problem Description
The problem started after installing and moving Roon Core from my Windows 10 Computer to ROCK on NUCxx.
Every time I boot ROCK, I need to re-enter my tidal account and password in Roon. When I later take a “Sync Library Now” to Tidal in Roon, I get 2 hours difference on the watches on the Android phones and on the PC (The time in “Last Liberary Sync”). The PC shows the right time, while the phones show a time that is 2 hours earlier.

I have also configured the bios clock on my ROCK at the right time, but after logging in to Roon with both PC and phone, the bios clock changes so it also shows 2 hours earlier time (similar to the phones).
After installing ROCK, I also experienced many errors of the type “Tidal: This track is not cu …”. Always at 1. track on album. This error I’ve reported earlier, it may indicate that it has a connection with clock synchronization.

What I have done:
Removed old database files when I moved Roon Core to ROCK.
Tried different BIOS versions on ROCK, now running NUC7i7xxx v0060, has also run with latest version 62.
Adjust and saved the clock in BIOS on ROCK multiple times, but it resets after starting Roon remote on my devices.
Reinstalled Roon on both PCs and phones.
Rebooted all components and logges into TIDAL again many times.

Per Morten

ROCK’s clock operates on GMT and that would account for the two hour time difference. The remotes should display the proper time based on the local time zone setting on the remote. What you’re reporting sounds like your PC is configured correctly at GMT+2. The Android devices may be showing the correct local time, but if they have their time zones set to GMT then the Roon remote will subtract 2 hours from the actual time that an event took place.

In other words, if you resync your library “now” on any device the time shown in Roon will be the current “now” time in whatever time zone the device is set to. If your Android devices are set to GMT then Roon would correctly show “now” as two hours earlier as it’s two hours earlier in GMT.

As for whether or not this has anything to do with the Tidal issues you’re experiencing I don’t know. There have been numerous reports of Tidal issues and Roon is working to nail down the root cause.

I have experienced the same Tidal login failure when rebooting my ROCK core (just happened this morning). Rather than re-enter your credentials just go to the ROCK web interface in your browser and clock on restart under RoonServer in the right hand column.

Roon’s Tidal login occasionally has issues if RoonServer comes online before the network is fully started and this can happen on ROCK as the boot sequence is so fast.

@Danny, It may be worth looking at the ROCK boot sequence again as I’ve hit this problem a couple of times recently on the latest ROCK build.

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Thank you @AMP for joning in and for your explanation.

Now I know that ROCK operates with GMT and that’s okay for me, but the most logical as a user of Roon, had been that ROCK picked up the correct time zone automatically.

What I do not understand is why my phones show GMT when I Sync Liberary and my PCs show GMT +2 when I’m Sync Liberary.
All my remote controls on phones and PCs are set up with GMT + 2.

Your recipe for restarting roon server after boot of ROCK works and I’m then logged in correctly to TIDAL. This issue I hope the roon team will to fix. Personally, I can live with it when I understand why it happens, but I dont want the rest of my family to care about this.
As a test, I’ve rebooted ROCK a number of times and I always had to reset roon server afterwards

Per Morten