Tidal: Tips and tricks to explore the streaming offer

After two failed attempts (2x3Mts of trials) I bit again (this time paid subscription) in trying Tidal in Roon as music exploration tool. The last two times Tidal failed on me as it was not stably delivering streaming content to my end points, so I continued with the stable services Qobuz, Spotify, and Napster, unfortunately all not supported by Roon. And, since the future of Roon adding any other music exploration path looks very dark to me (hundreds of posts, no light on the horizon).
Now I‘m in Roon with Tidal but cannot find how I could explore new things. I experience a number of ‚no, this is not the way it works here‘.

  • In Devialet’s Spark I can go to the three dots (expanded menu) and find a point of similar artists. Nothing like that in Roon?
  • The same in Artist view. No suggestions what could complement my own library?
  • In the track list there is no help to search any similar in Tidal?
    In general: Please help me to find ways how to explore and expand my library with Tidal? I guess there must be ways.
  • Using search with an album title and artist I currently do and can do in any of my other subscriptions. So there must be other advantages of the Tidal integration that is so much Roon like that other standard streaming service API offers do not cover and therefore are a nogo for Roon to be added as in Devialet Spark, Sonos, LMS, Auralic, Kodi…
    Enough criticism. Please, indicate in this thread how Tidal can be used in Roon to explore the 40 Million albums that the content providers offer us to access and enrich our music reproduction experience outside of purchased albums or tracks.

Have you scrolled down ? Similar artist are only shown at the bottom of the the artist page, just scroll down. (not the artist browser but the info page about an artist) On the same artist page scroll down to view al album in your library from this artist and underneath are all albums from this artist that are in Tidal, just click them to go there. You’ll need to do a lot of scrolling, Roon is not very efficient in using your screen real estate.

The strongest part of Roon is that it does not only provide information on artists this way but also for example on producers, individual musicians or even on the guy who wrote the liner notes of the CD etc. Just click on the name in the credits list of an album and you get an info page about this person. Again scroll down to see all album on in your library and underneath all albums in Tidal that this person has worked on / played on. That is the best part of Tidal integration in Roon.

The Tidal page itself is just a mere copy of the Tidal app, nothing to write home about.

Great! Thanks. Things like this I was missing.
So, the work flow is: Choose any album you like or are listening -> click on Artist name -> scroll down to find all albums in your library, all albums on Tidal, all compositions, compilations, similar artists, and artists that inluenced him/them.

Any further workflows for exploration with Tidal?

Tidal content also shows up in search results, again you’ll to so some scrolling down.

And offcoarse the Tidal page itself wich is mostly Tidals own app integrated in Roon. Here you can browse playlists, genres etc. Tidal content that has not been added to your library does not show up in Roon’s artist browser, album browser, track browser, genre browser and radio.

So, is it a good strategy to add one Tidal album per artist one has in its own library?

No, no need to. If you allready have one album of an artist it will show up in the artist browser, album browser and genre browser. If you add an album from a new artist (wich you don’t have any albums from) from Tidal to your library it will be treated in excactly the same way as if it where your own. The artist will show up in the mentioned roon browsers.