Tidal “too many failures”

Core Machine is Mac mini late 2014
Operating System 10.11.6

Not sure where this should go butI keep on getting an error message “too many failures,stopping playback”. Doesn’t matter if I’m pulling directly from Tidal or from saved Tidal albums in my library. Having no problem with Qobuz or my ripped cds. Restarted everything several times with no change. Not sure what can be done as everything has been operating fine. Using Comcast router with 300mps wirelessly. Very difficult to hard wire.

Any suggestions…thanks,

I was having that issue, I logged out of Tidal and back in. It’s been better for a few days now.

However, starting last night random songs will just skip ahead to the next on an album or playlist. No rhyme or reason. Tidal, or Quboz.

I get that issue from time to time. Unplugging my modem/router and waiting a minute before plugging back in seems to fix it.

Thank you for all of the suggestions. I have tried all of the above short of hardwiring which Im working on. Everything is working just fine with the exception of Tidal. Does anyone know how to reach tidal support (if there is one)? Ive re-entered my credentials, shut off/on my router, restarted both ROON and my computer several times to no avail. I know hard wiring is the prudent thing to do but, this has been running flawlessly for several years on WiFi. I know that is not the wisest way to deal with this and will look into changes but, don’t want to invest in having someone come in here, pull wires and than be faced with the same problems. I do appreciate any and all suggestions since over 1000 albums are part of my ROON collection from TIDAL.

Hi @Mark_Wexler,

Does the TIDAL Web Player (listen.tidal.com) display the same behavior?

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Thank you Noris for the reply. I did check the desktop version and found out the problem. It seems that my credit card had expired and while I notified most vendors when I received the new card, I did not notify Tidal. The only weird thing about it is the only thing that was happening when I attempted to use Tidal on Roon was the “too many failures” message. However, when I went to the desktop and attempted to use the service, it clearly messaged what the problem was. At any rate, problem now solved. Thanks again to all fo your suggestions.

Hi @Mark_Wexler,

Happy to hear you located the source of the issue, hope you have an enjoyable Roon experience!

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