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I just subscribed to Roon. I did a search for Cowboy Junkies in Tidal in the Roon Core app on my Windows 10 laptop, clicked on Cowboy Junkies under Artist and their top tracks appeared. After they played through and other selections made I then tried to find the top tracks again and they would not appear. I did another search for Cowboy Junkies, in Tidal in the Roon Core app and clicked on Cowboy Junkies under artist and the top tracks do not appear but they do when I used the Tidal app on its own. Why is it that they no longer appear? They appear for other artists. How can I can them back for this artist?


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Hi @BobbyBane,

We are aware of some situations that cause the Top Tracks section of the Artist page to not appear in Roon. There are upcoming changes being made to the Artist page that will address this issue, though I can’t promise any specific timeframes here as this is part of a larger ongoing project.

You have our apologies for the inconvenience here, and we greatly appreciate the feedback!

Thank you for your response.

The fact that there is no time line for when this problem will be resolved is quite disappointing. When discovering new artists in Tidal, especially those with a large catalogue, Top Tracks are an easy and useful starting point for exploration. The other very useful function that is missing in Tidal when using Roon and choosing an artist is shuffle. I would like to choose an artist and have the contents of their catalogue randomly played without having to choose an album but I can’t.

Others have also complained about Roon Radio, an important discovery feature, not being available in Tidal. Roon is quite a bit more expensive than other music players and two of it’s most potent features that draws many subscribers such as myself are its potential for discovery and its seamless integration of Tidal with one’s own library. But if one can’t use the discovery function to find new music that is not available in one’s own library, then what’s the point?

I am on a 14 day trial period with your product and quite honestly, considering the price, I am somewhat disappointed.

Hi @BobbyBane — Thanks for the additional feedback here.

As a general policy, we do not provide any timelines when it comes to changes like this to the application. While I can say that there is definitely work being done in this area currently, it’s always possible that an issue might take more time to resolve than expected, or perhaps something comes up in testing that pushes the release back further than expected. For these reasons, we do not provide any specific timelines until we are releasing the update. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t working on an issue, but we cannot comment on the progress until it is ready.

You can do this by using the Artist Play feature. By pressing Play on the artist page, we will play all of the artist’s content using the same technology that powers Roon Radio:

You can definitely start Radio with TIDAL content. Are you having issues using Roon Radio? Are you receiving any errors?

Hi Dylan:

Thanks for your response.

Regarding shuffle, doing as you suggest, pressing play on the artist page only works when I am in my library. There is also a shuffle option when I press on the down arrow next to play, that works fine. But when I am in Tidal, even when I choose an artist that is in my favourites list, 1) there is no shuffle option when I press on the down arrow and 2) when I press play nothing happens except that I get a “Roon Radio: Nothing Similar to Play” message. I have to scroll down and click on a specific song that is listed in Top Tracks if that appears because it doesn’t always or I have to select an album and then a track.

Regarding Roon Radio, in Tidal, when I press Roon Radio I get a “Roon Radio: Nothing Similar to Play” message as I do when I press play.

I really want Roon to work for me but my experience thus far is that it is a bit buggy. I also have a support question titled “Recommended For You Not Displaying” .

I am only a few days into my 14 day trial and it would be great if these problems could be resolved before it is over.


Hi @BobbyBane,

Regarding the Roon Radio and Artist Play issue — Can you reproduce each and make a note of the time that each one occurs? Respond here with those times and we’ll enable diagnostics on your account so the team can take a look.

Hi Thanks for the response. Below is a screen shot of an attempt to play from the artist page on March 31 at 1:44 PM.

Below is a screenshot of an attempt to engage Roon Radio on March 31 at 1:53 PM
I should note that I don’t have this problem if Limit Roon Radio to Library is turned on but then it only plays material from my library.

Thanks, @BobbyBane!

Now that I have the timestamps, diagnostics have been enabled on your account. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers

Once that’s been received, I’ll be sure to update this thread and pass the diagnostics over to the team for further analysis.

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