Tidal Track Slow Loading

Spoke to soon having dropouts.I’m going to call it a night.When having drop outs i stop song start another plays fine.Never had these issues before update.

Hi @Outlaw,

When you get a chance tomorrow, can you please run the test that Vova mentioned and let us know the exact local time you run this?


Played good for a hour.Back to slow load times through tidal blue bar going back and forth sometimes 10 secs or more to start track ?

@Outlaw - Can you please run this test?

We want to eliminate some variables here and it will help.

okay i will connect rock nuc direct to dac bypassing hqplayer

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No same issue when Rock connected directly to dac.Only started after update

Also getting track unavailable to many failures ? Then music just stops

Also Tidal works perfect on i-pad,laptop,and other PC.Only having issues with Roon

Hi @Outlaw,

Thanks for connecting the DAC directly to ROCK, I can confirm diagnostics have been received and have been passed to QA for further inspection.

Also just had a song play half way through and then start another song,

1:54 central Canada drop outs.First song played.Hope this get resolved,

Drop outs again at 2:18 central canada

2:44 central canda song isn’t finished at starts a new song.Its to the point were i just want to turn off.

Hi @Outlaw,

In the previous log package we received we noticed that you were streaming to a network zone (the Moon 280D zone).

To further eliminate the network as a variable here, could you please connect a DAC via USB or try outputting to a zone that does not rely on the network for output (such as an HDMI zone on ROCK)?

Even if you don’t have anything connected to the HDMI zone, please try outputting to it as it would provide a good data point if the track suddenly stops. Thank you.

The set up using right now is roon rock on nuc.HQPlayer on windows pc and a naa device hooked to dac by usb.Never had any issues before update.

So should I hook my nuc rock directly to dac.Did this yesterday and had same issues.3:00 music stopped.Stopped again at 3:02 and started again and stopped.Stoped again,Its to the point were its unplayable.Just stopping and starting.

Hello @Outlaw,

I am looking through the log and I don’t see this attempt, I saw that you were streaming to your Moon zone via the network, but not through USB.

We should try to eliminate the network from the equation for this test, and possibly even the DAC.

Please try this test, as it would provide the most useful data point and provide a timestamp if the track suddenly stops playing in the Roon interface:

Thank you.

What about all the logs today ?

Okay running HDMI setting on Rock.Not hooked to anything so cant tell if music stops or has drop outs