Tidal tracks also a mess in Roon

I don’t like Tidal, this is mostly because the tracks are completely mixed up in nearly all offmainstream classical / opera albums. I had written to Tidal long time ago, but it does not get fixed, no idea why this is happening.
The tracks are in crazy order going from the 3rd act to the first etc.as if they were shuffled.
Strangely this is even on Roon, which is megy picky when I import my own music, saying there is something wrong with the tracks. But with Tidal - Roon seems to accept this.

here are just 3 examples - I could easily give you hundreds!

In the mainstream big labels, all is ok. But smaller labels are XXX up. Why do I stumble upon this so often? Well, because I have a very large personal library and am looking for stuff I do not have yet on Tidal.
BTW all these albums are in perfect order on other streaming services.

It is a very strange bug, but it really annoys me.